Cooperating with Us - 3 Levels

Choose how and to what extent you want to work with us through our three levels of cooperation!

Cooperating with Us - 3 Levels


Sales and Marketing Tools

“ Do it yourselves … but first allow us to build it specifically for your needs"

VIP Day – Sales & Marketing Strategy

“prepare yourselves for a day of strategic direction clarification, knowledge of innovative tools and formulation of future business tactics”

Business Strategy Formulation

prepare to upgrade your business so it can successfully compete in the new era

Are you looking to install a specific sales or marketing tool that we offer? Talk to us and we will propose the best custom fit of that tool for your company among hundreds of available solutions. We will propose the best available software and we will fully customize it to successfully address your needs. More specifically:

  • We will propose the appropriate sales or marketing tool and validate why you should adopt i
  • We will install and customize to meet your needs
  • We will train and support you on how to utilize it for maximum results

No course, book, or seminar comes close to spending a VIP Day with someone who has Trifonas ’s track record of success. You’ll leave this session with a crystal clarity on your business strategy and a customize roadmap for building a leading brand and lucrative presence. At the end of the session you will have:

  • A crystal view with respect your sales and marketing plan for your company
  • Which sales and marketing tools you should develop and why
  • How to customize those tools to successfully compete in your industry

This is a serious step for a businessman that are bold enough and ready to upgrade their business on a massive scale and touch the right customer on a local or global scale. At this level we will work with you from three to six months and we will build, develop and implement the right sales tools and marketing practices for your business. If you are in the process of:

  • Looking to build or further develop your local or global presence
  • Looking to build or further develop new markets or cooperation’s
  • Looking to start a new business or how to capitalize on a new product or market idea

Then clearly we are the right partner for you.

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