Cooperating with Us - 3 Levels

Choose how and to what extent you want to work with us through our three levels of cooperation!


Strategic Marketing Services

Pioneering and innovative marketing solutions for the Greek and international market!


Business Development Services

Business development through the creation and implementation of innovative tools and practices that are customised to fit your specific business needs.


Real Estate Services

Professional real estate services combined with the application of innovative sales and marketing tools for immediate results.


Investor Search

we can find the right strategic investor, partner or sponsor for your start up or businesses idea.

Email Marketing Solutions

we design your Email Marketing Campaign based on your specific requirements and send it to your targeted audiences.

Website Morphology

we design / redesign the morphology of your website that stands out from the crowd and delivers quality leads.

CRM Pilot

we help you choose, design and customise your CRM Software specifically to address all your business needs prior to any costly investment!

Real Estate Marketing

we utilise innovative sales and marketing techniques that increase the success of selling your commercial or private property.


we design your step by step telephone approach based on your target audiences.

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