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If you want immediate results to sell or develop your property or your business idea through the Strategy Mentor’s marketing and communication channels fill out the form below. After receiving the form with your details, a Strategy Mentor representative will contact you and explain the options available in promoting your property or your business idea in order to successfully meet your business goals.

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Fee for Representation and Promotion of Property

I assign you, in your capacity as Real Estate Contractor, to identify and designate your interested customers or simply to disclose them to contact me directly for negotiation with a view to buying or selling or exchanging or conceding for rebuilding by the system of consideration, by leasing or leasing or by any other means the transfer of the right of ownership or use of or exploitation of the following property (s). I promise you that if a contract is concluded with your direct or indirect mediation, we will pay you 2% for all the above transactions, except for the lease, which will be one (1) rent (expect circumstances apply). In the case of a preliminary agreement you will be paid half the fee and in full on the day of signing the final contract.

Fee for Representing and Promoting Business Opportunity

In your capacity as a Specialist Sales, Strategic and Sales Consultant I provide you with the primary purpose of researching and finding a strategic investor to buy or participate in part of the company's capital (start-ups) or other constructive cooperation. Your remuneration, as a special adviser, will be set in a special agreement and after analyzing the data and information of the Business Opportunity and based on my requests and requirements, as a principal.