CRM Pilot

we help you choose, design and customise your CRM Software specifically to address all your business needs prior to any costly investment!

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a strategy for managing an organisation's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. A CRM system helps organisations improve processes such as sales management, contact management and reporting, in order to increase productivity and profitability. The benefits of CRM include increased sales, greater customer retention, improved service levels, and better customer experience. Cloud-based CRM software also offers instant deployment, cost-effective scalability, and access from anywhere on any device. It is no coincidence that CRM is the first point of development for all European and international businesses. The reason: personalized, direct and targeted communication with the customer.

A successfull deployment of a CRM system requires:
  • Knowledge of all available CRM solutions for your specific industry / sector
  • Complications and impacts on existing infrastructure and processes from the implementation of a CRM.
  • Knowledge of all parameters that alter the financial requirements of a CRM implementation.
  • Analyze the capabilities of your business and executives in relation to the selected CRM solution.

The goal of Strategy Mentor is to propose the implementation of an appropriate CRM system through a variety of options. A CRM solution that is consistent with processes, staff, goals and, of course, the budget of your business. Strategy Mentor, through the CRM Pilot tool, can undertake for you:

1. CRM - Available Solutions


2. CRM - Total Cost of CRM Solutions

CRM Options: We disclose all available CRM solutions suitable to your company.

Real Cost of Software: We analyze the complete cost of ownership for your choice of CRM solution.

Server-Based or SaaS: We offer you the complete handbook on advantages and disadvantages of your CRM choice based on platform created.

Real Cost of Services: We disclose hidden costs of installation, customization and deployment of your specific CRM choice.

CRM Types: Identification of the correct CRM solution is not easy. Different types of CRMs exist to serve different types of sectors. Our recommendation comes after analysis of your company’s unique requirements as well as incorporating industry standards and benchmarking.

Price Negotiation: We help you achieve extensive discounts based on proven price negotiation techniques and extensive knowledge of this market!

CRM Vertical Solutions: CRM solutions have been built to serve specific industries and sectors. We tell you which ones are right for yours!

3. CRM - Modules and Capabilities

4. CRM - Deployment and Procedures Manual

CRM Modules: Sales Force Automation, Customer Support & Service, Marketing Automation. We analyze and customize each module for your company!

CRM Internal Manual Process: We create your procedures and deployment CRM manual based on your specific workflows and business requirements.

CRM Tools: Reporting & Statistics, Project Management, SLA’s Management, etc.

Sales Material: Incorporation of CRM practices and tools that support your unique workflows and procedures and utilize industry’s best practices.

CRM Features: Add ons and features such as: Mail Merge, Workflow Automation, CTI Integration, Outlook Integration, Social Media Integration etc.

Email Automated Responses: Creation of email templates specifically design to accommodate your sales and marketing requirements for your complete sales pipeline.

Templates: Creation of sales, marketing and support templates for your CRM solution: sales offers, ticket responses, automated sales responses, business development prompters, etc.

A free consultation with us could offer you the chance to fully crystallize your CRM investment approach and provide a piece of mind with respect tacking the risks and pitfalls of such a move.