International Business Development

we design and implement sales tools and practices for the successful penetration or development of international markets.

Strategy Mentor undertakes the design, development and deployment of your international business development campaign for the successful creation of qualified leads and subsequently sales. Strategy Mentor utilizes specific sales and marketing tools for over 17 years now with impressive results in the international scene. Our services can help you answer the following questions:

  • How to identify and how to focus on international customers?
  • Which sales and marketing channels you should be utilizing based on your company and your offerings.
  • Which channels are most effective for your industry / sector and how are deployed for your international sales?
  • How much to invest in order to succeed in the international arena based on your company?
  • How much time does it take to achieve international sales?

If you would like specific answers for you company and your next step is international sales, do contact us. We have the experience and the expertise to help you build your international business through the development of tailored-made sales strategies and customized marketing tools. Operating successfully internationally requires: (a) deploying the correct sales tools and marketing channels, (b) designing effective campaigns for them and (c) professional execution and support of those campaigns.

Lead Development & Management

International Sales Process Formation

B2B Online Tools Development

Conference & Exhibition Targeting

Sales Negotiation & Objection Handling

E-Commerce Strategy Design

Conferences and Trade Shows: Apart from meeting potential customers, conferences and trade shows offer the opportunity to identify sector’s global trends and your competition’s strategies.

Press Releases: Communicate your company’s news while they are still fresh. Identify viable opportunities to get your company’s name in front of the people who follow your field of focus. Reach out and identify the right people and promote your company with inserts- stories – articles.

Marketing Material: Potential customers and all other interested parties are looking to understand and connect to your company. A well-organized focused media kit ensure it. Tools include:

  • Product – Service Placement Stories
  • White papers & Case Studies
  • Success Stories
  • Project Showcases

B2B Meetings: It’s personal and directive and gives a sense of trust as both parties have the opportunity to examine up and close credentials, services offered, knowledge, suitability and most of all compatibility of personalities.

International Telemarketing Program with Email Marketing: Identify Email Prospect List and design a step by step program to engage potential customers

Website Traffic and Content: If you don’t have a way to capture your visitor’s email address when they visit your website, chances are they’ll leave and never come back. You won’t know who they are or be able to follow-up with them, and most likely they’ll never become your customer.

Service Review & Testimonials: Service reviews are very important as they are the main source of reference when choosing a service from a provider that you are not familiar with. They are a highly influential factor in purchase decisions as customers trust them as objective assessments of the quality of the service offered.

Editorial Partnerships: Identify and choose suitable publications that serve the industry you focus. Write articles that serve you company's best features & services and fight for space with Editors

Create Promotional Email Campaigns: Use Newsletters to attract, follow up, and develop your business.