Strategic Marketing Services

Pioneering and innovative marketing solutions for the Greek and international market!

Current advances in technology and in business have created easy and affordable ways to promote our business online. However, the questions arising from such developments and many and complex. For example:
  • In which marketing channels should you invest and why?
  • Which marketing tools are right for your business and industry?
  • How will you develop them and what kind of promotional materials/techniques are you going to utilize?
  • How much time and how much money should you invest in until you see results?
  • How can these marketing channels support the company's sales and business growth?

These are some of the questions that Strategy Mentor can offer to you and your company specific and clear answers. We undertake the task of analyzing for you all available marketing channels and software tools in order to achieve your business objective. We always complete our projects based on your (a) your business needs, (b) considering your human resources, and of course (c) your proposed budget.