Real Estate Marketing

we utilise innovative sales and marketing techniques that increase the success of selling your commercial or private property.

Since 2005, Strategy Mentor utilizes pioneering and innovative business development methodologies and combines them with the application of innovative sales and marketing tools that deliver results for the Greek Real Estate & Property sector. We specialize in Hotels, Resorts, Seaside Villas and Seaside Lands. Strategy Mentor can undertake for you:

  • the promotion and notification of your property to the suitable target group aiming at identifying potential suitable byuers / investors.
  • the search and discovery of commercial or private properties that fulfill precisely your specifications, conditions and requirements (i.e, houses, seaside villas, hotels, resorts, seaside lands, boutique hotels).
  • the search and identification of strategic investors or partners for the exploitation and utilization of your private or commercial properties (i.e, Houses, Villas, Hotels, Resorts, Seaside Lands, Boutique Hotels).