Sales Process For Solutions (SPfS)

we help you build the suitable sales methodology and tools to effectively differentiate your company

Strategy Mentor helps you build the suitable sale methodology and tools to effectively differentiate your company, not only by what you sell and how you position yourselves but also by how you engage with your customers. Strategy Mentor professionals apply consultative sales approaches (utilized by top international players) to all aspects of your sales process including:

  • Prospecting
  • Diagnosing customer needs
  • Crafting a potential solution
  • Establishing value
  • Bargaining for access to decision-makers
  • Positioning proof, ROI and the total solution
  • Negotiating a win-win solution
  • Following up to ensure customer success


Applying Professional Sales Methodologies has been the definitive approach for moving from selling products to selling and marketing high value solutions. Even today, this has not changed, but what has changed is the profile of today’s buyer. They are now an informed, educated buyer who is comfortable using technology and social media to guide themselves through their buying process. This informed buyer not only expects vendors to add tremendous value but they expect the seller to accommodate a more complex buying environment. As a result, many sellers and their organizations are at a cross-roads. They realize their company and sales professionals need new processes, methods, skills and tools to compete in the today’s B2B world. As a result, we offer you the Sales Process for Solutions – (SPfS) Services.

The Sales Process for Solutions (SPfS) services are build based on each customer’s distinctive product and/or services capabilities and overall strategic direction. At the end of the session the client will enjoy a Rigid Sales Methodology with Customized Supported Sales Tools to complete in its market. Recent independent research has demonstrated that companies that invest in professional sales process methodologies realize measurable, year-over-year sales performance improvement, including:

  • Higher individual quota attainment
  • Higher team quota attainment
  • Increase in average deal size
  • Improved time to productivity

Complete the form and download the Datasheet - [Datasheet - Sales Process For Solutions – SPfS] were we explain in detail services offered with examples and deliverables.